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MDR is a volunteer-run club. To keep membership and racing fees low, it is an expectation that riders and families volunteer in some capacity. Racers, please encourage family/friends accompanying you to participate and help out! Visit the Volunteer/Sign-up page. 


MDR is a volunteer-run club. To keep membership and racing fees low, it is an expectation that members volunteer in some capacity. Below are descriptions of volunteer positions needed for every event. See Work Party page for volunteering at work parties. All volunteers report to scoring and the volunteer coordinator.

Merchandise Duty

The person in charge of merch duty sells MDR apparel near the scoring trailer. This person will organize merch, and record sales. 


Lap counters provide a back-up for MDR's Moto Tally transponder system. Lap counters check riders in on the race line and ensure entry sheets are accurate. Lap counters mark times of riders entering scoring. Lap counters mark riders as they exit the course to ensure all riders are back safe, and the course is clear of riders. These individuals need to handle numbers and write quickly.

Generator /Porta-potty Duty

This individual ensures MDR generators are fuelled and porta potties have toilet paper. 

Race Registration

Individuals assisting with race registration register riders on the computers in the scoring trailer, and take payment of membership fees and race fees. These individuals also answer rider questions, assist with bike numbering and providing transponders. Computer skills and knowledge of the MDR constitution are required. 

Gate Duty (ages 12+, 10/hr)

Although not a real "volunteer" position because it's paid, two people are required to work the main gate. These individuals collect a a gate fee ($5 per person, kids 12 and under free), issue wrist bands, and have all individuals entering the gate sign a waiver. MDR gate is generally open around 5pm on the Friday of the event, and remains open all weekend until 1pm Sunday.

Community Meal Prep & Clean-up

These individuals assist in preparing Saturday's Community Meal. They need to be available during the day to assist with food prep, set up the tables for dinner, organize food contributions, assist in serving food if necessary, and clean-up after the meal is over.

Trophy Organization & Presentation

These individuals will organize trophies in order of presentation and assist in presenting trophies at the ceremony after the last race on Sunday.

Split Supervisors/Course Marshals

These individuals wear safety vests and are physically on the course, but not on dirt bikes. They may be needed to manage splits in the course, assist riders experiencing difficulty, and communicate with scoring via radio.

Parade Lap - 50's

This is a rider volunteer position. You will take the Pee Wee riders on a tour of their track before their race.

Race Course Sweepers

Rider positions. Four course sweepers are needed for every race. These individuals ride the course during the race. They wear safety vests and may carry radios to communicate with each other and to scoring. The primary duty of sweepers is to provide assistance to racers who may be experiencing difficulty and maintain the safety of the race course. These individuals must a) be completely qualified to ride the course they are sweeping b) have basic dirt bike trouble-shooting ability and c) have some basic first aid knowledge.

Pit Help

These individuals assist in the pit area with a variety of tasks.