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Manitoba Dirt Riders Inc. has forged strong relationships with our land owners.  We are fortunate to have access to such amazing venues within our province.  All of our venues are on privately owned land and as such, we request a few things from our membership.  Manitoba Dirt Riders Inc. has been granted permission to these venues for our work party and race weekends.  Some of our landowners allow personnel to ride on the property at other times through the year.  This permission must be accessed directly from the landowner if you wish to access their property.

While attending a race weekend, we ask members to be respectful of their private property.  Please stay out of outbuildings, vehicles and equipment.  All members are asked to stay away from animals / livestock that may be on the property. The access we have been granted is not without limitations.  Respect and courtesy are expected from all members.

Please double check prior to leaving that your area is clean and clear before departing.  Garbage, jerry cans, broken tents and parts should all be cleaned up and hauled away.  Please double check what the landowner’s wishes are regarding gates.  If you are the last person to leave a venue please ensure gates are closed as required.

Thank you for doing your part on maintaining the relationships we have created with our land owners.  We cannot do this without them.