Miniota's Devil's Drop 

Please note that we plan to run a fun team race at 4pm Saturday.  If we can slip in a full race on Saturday we will but it is weather dependent.


Manitoba Dirt Riders presents the last race weekend of 2017 SAR MANITOBA CUP: Miniota Devil's Drop.  The Devil's Drop is a great track and is sure to produce smiles and some tummy butterflies too.

We are thankful for the support of SAR of Steinbach who have sponsored the race series for this year. Stop by the store and thank them for their support!

The race weekend sponsor is Wheat City, thanks so much to this awesome KTM/Yamaha/Arctic Cat/G3 dealer.  Not only a sponsor, Mike is a contender in the VET B class!  He knows what he is talking about.

MDR is thrilled to have Miniota as our wind up weekend! 

Here is the format for the Saturday 4 pm fun race: 

Please submit your registration to the scoring trailer by 1:30 PM and you will be assigned to a team. 
Each team will be comprised of 5 Riders(may be adjusted on race day - we expect a lot of people):
-1-50 Rider
-1-65/85 Rider
-1-Sportsman Rider
-1-C Rider
-1-A/B Rider

Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.


The race is located off of Hwy 83, 5 miles South of Hwy 24 or 11 miles North of #1 Hwy.  Turn East on Road 72N (I double checked this!) and travel 3.5 miles, then travel North for 1/4 mile and back West for 1/2 mile. Signs will be posted on race weekend.

MDR Community Supper

Please join us Saturday evening for our community supper, brought to you by Beta Canada and Capitol Motosports. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings.  MDR provides the Turkey main meal and non-alcoholic beverages. Bring your favourite traditional dish and enjoy a meal good friends and great food.  We will be setting up a thread on Facebook so we can let others know what we are bringing. 

Camping is available starting Friday night. 

Saturday Schedule

1:30 PM Registration closes for 4pm Team race

6:30-7:00 PM Results announced/Community Supper 

Sunday Schedule

7:00 AM Registration open

8:00 AM Registration for the 8:30am Race Closes

8:30 AM Youth Race Start - Youths, Junior B, Girls 10-14, Beginner Women, Sportsmoms

9:00 AM Optional Parade Lap of 50 Track

9:30 AM PeeWee Race Start (50s)

10:00 AM Registration for 10:30am Race closes

10:30 AM Race Start Junior A, Advanced Women, Sportsman, Open C, Vet C, Masters, Outlaw, Vet 50

12:30 PM Registration for 1pm Race closes

1:00 PM Race Start - Open B, Vet B, A, AA, Vet A, Team

4:30 PM Trophy Presentation