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Bike numbers are awarded based on seniority followed by a first-come-first-served basis. Previously registered numbers are reserved until the start of the first race of the season. When registering a membership online, you may request your top three bike numbers per member.

Members are encouraged to have a green or red background with white numbers, matching their MDR membership number, however, organizers will honor existing bike numbers / color schemes providing they match membership number. In the event of a discrepancy, rider will be provided a temporary number plate.

Click HERE to see the Bike Number List.

No duplicate bike numbers will be allowed to register for the season. Bike numbers will be awarded on a pure seniority  basis with the individual holding that number the longest being able to retain their bike number. Failure to register for past season forfeits your bike number. When registering, please include 3 bike number choices. Any bike number duplication will be investigated by the board and awarded via the seniority policy.

Allowable bike numbers will range from 1-21, 23-599 and 651-999. Number 22, 67 & 800 have been permanently retired in honor of Jonah Crookes, Dermot Rooney and Zander Campbell.

If you register on race day and your bike number is already registered to a rider there will be two options: pick a new number that is not registered to a rider, or affix a temporary plate provided by MDR to the front of your bike from the reserved pool of temporary numbers.