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Welcome to Manitoba Dirt Riders (MDR) we are a grass roots off-road association that hosts hare scrambles. What is a hare scramble? It is a cross-country competitive event held on a closed course, 5 to 25 km in length and 1 to 3 hours in duration. To learn more about our mission statement and formalities, please click here.

You will find many helpful links on our website, which will walk you through the process. This page is designed to help you understand what you may need and how to do it.

You will need a bike, helmet and boots to be safe. Obviously moto gear, gloves and eye protection should be used. A lot of our riders utilize a camelback as you could be racing for upwards of two hours depending upon the class you enter.

Handguards are utilized by a lot of our riders but are not mandatory. You will need to have the ability to refuel mid race, if your bike is not equipped with a kickstand, then a stand or triangle will be your friend.

Saturdays are our fun races, and after the race we have a potluck community meal. It is recommended you bring enough food to feed the people in your group. The meat is sponsored and provided by the club. Sunday is our points race.

Our club is run by volunteers. There is a volunteer page found here that will describe positions we need over the course of a race weekend. Please review it and see where you can help.

So, now that you have decided you want to try racing, but you don’t know what class you will race? The list of classes and applicable restrictions can be found by clicking here.

Green or red backgrounds are typically what you will see on bikes in our club. We will honour any other color combination as long as the number is right. If you don’t have a number then we can provide a temporary number plate on race day. If you wish to register your number, please click here.

Annual memberships and race registration information can be found here.

Our scoring is done through Moto Tally and the results page can be found here.

Our race rules can be found in our bylaws. Please familiarize yourself to what our race day rules are. Those rules can be found by clicking here.

Prizes/Trophies will be awarded to each official class up to 3rd place. Points are awarded to riders holding annual memberships.

Please enjoy exploring the website. We hope to see you one of our events real soon. If you have any additional questions please contact us.