We at MDR are very happy that the FXR Outlaw Scramble in St. Lazare was a great success. The weather held off and we were able to run in the sun with a lot of our friends and family.

The Outlaw was the third event in the SAR Manitoba Cup and can you believe that our race season is 1/2 over? Sorry, didn't mean to spring that on you. It's OK, we still have Oak Lake, Morden and Miniota to look forward to. Are you still upset? Please don't cry, fight the tears. Think of the glass half full, we still have 1/2 of a race season to go. Better now? Let's move on.

As noted above, the sun was out and the weather was great for racing. We enjoyed the Capitol Motosports/Beta Canada community meal on Saturday night and we had more than enough food to feed the 170 or so hungry people. Thanks for bringing so many side dishes and deserts to compliment Brent MacDonald's 81 lbs of pork (anyone can do 80 lbs but since MDR always goes that little bit extra we cooked 81)!   Almost forgot to mention that there were plenty of drinks on hand thanks to Greg Buhr of GWB Auto Sales, we went through almost 300 waters over the weekend!

Once we were hungry again we didn't have to look far to find great food. The St. Lazare Athletic's club was there again this year, whipping up our favourite chow. Thanks!

Sunday was an eventful race and Horsepower Hill was a spectator favourite as well as a challenge for all riders. The track was technical and we owe big thanks to the Huberdeau family for allowing us to trespass. Once again they were prefect hosts and it was nice to see over 50% of the town out to support our event. Special thanks to Dan Huberdeau and friends who made this track a pleasure to ride.

Speaking of Dan Huberdeau, he is out of the hospital and moving around a lot better now. We are happy that his injuries were not more serious, it was a wicked crash. Thanks to Gerry our medic (and our medic sponsor Canwest Rail Services) for his work with Dan as well as a few other people over the weekend. Again, we are so thankful that no one was seriously injured out there.

We are also very happy to report that this race produced the largest number of volunteers to date. Thanks so much for giving back to the organization with your hard work and enthusiasm. We asked for help, you heard us and you came running. Great job gang!

Our next race in the SAR Manitoba Cup series is the second Oak Lake race sponsored by Chudd's Powersports on July 8th and 9th. There will be a prep party on the 24th of June and we plan to have a wildly new track for you to conquer. Come help if you can.