There will be 2 work parties for Morden!!

Next weekend before the long weeekdn Saturday July 27th & Sunday July 28th!

And the weekend after the long weekend Saturday August 10th & Sunday August 11th!

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to prep the track to get it race ready, hence the 2 work parties and we need volunteers!!! If you or anyone you know is available to come down and give your club a hand it would be greatly appreciated!!! Ryan Krause will be coordinating the work parties so if you require anymore information please contact him!



Well folks, round #3 of the 2019 Manitoba Dirt Riders Wheat City Cycle Manitoba Cup is in the books and that marks our halfway point of the season!

We can’t thank our volunteers enough, especially our volunteer coordinator Lauraine Saltel Berard for streamlining all our volunteering, Richard Baril and crew for busting their butts and coordinating the work party to get the track prepped for the race and of course our race weekend sponsor Chudds Powersports for all their support and stepping up huge at the track this weekend and making this weekend possible!

We had a good turn out with 149 bikes for the Saturday fun race and 146 bikes for the Sunday points race with the fastest lap of the weekend being 25:06 by non other then our little ripper Troy Horbaty Racing Thankfully we didn’t have any serious injuries this weekend, big thanks to our medic sponsor Fouillard Steel Supplies Ltd., Gerry D and his crew kept us safe out there!

We would like to thank GWB Auto Sales for supplying the much-needed water this weekend and keeping us hydrated in the heat as well as being our community meal sponsor!! Brent MacDonald knocked the community meal out of the park again this weekend with his smoked chicken breasts, there was lots of variety at the community meal and more than enough food to go around for everyone including seconds thanks to everyone participating!! Keep up the fantastic work MDR community!!

A sincere thank you goes out to all the members and moto parents that go above and beyond the call of duty taking awesome pictures of all our riders on race weekends! Adam Gregory and Tall Michael Artemchuk even got some pretty cool drone and blooper footage!! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet head on over to our Facebook page, they’re definitely worth the watch!! Overall the race weekend went very smoothly, Fisher Branch is by far one of the most grueling tracks of the season with lots of excitement for the spectators and frustration for the riders lol Not only did the riders have to battle the rocks n logs but the heat as well! Thankfully there is a pretty sweet swimming hole on site that we got to enjoy after the race and the temps cooled right down at night for sleeping!

Congratulations to all the riders that picked up hardware this weekend! Results will be up tonight and you can also sign up for email notification at the bottom of the results page to receive the latest results/points updates after every race! Everyone enjoy the summer break and we look forward to seeing you all at round #4 on August 24th & 25th at Mordens Corn scrambler!


We’re still in the process of getting a game plan together for Morden for a whole new look for this season and the work party dates will be posted ASAP!!! If you need anymore information, please contact Ryan Krause




7:00PM - 9:00PM - Registration opens 


10:30AM – Registration Opens

12:30PM – Registration closes for 1PM race

1:00PM – Youth race start – Youth A, Youth B, Junior B, Girls 10-14, Beginner Women

2:00PM – Optional parade lap for PeeWee riders (50 track)

2:15PM - PeeWee race start - (30 min) - 50cc bikes

2:30PM – Registration closes for 3PM race

3:00PM – Race Start – Junior A, Advanced Women, Sportsman, Open C, Vet C, Masters, Outlaw, Vet 50

4:30PM – Registration closes for 5PM race

5:00PM – Race Start – Open B, Vet B, Open A, Vet A, AA

6:30PM – Results announced/Community meal


7:00AM – Registration opens

8:00AM – Registration for the 8:30AM race closes

8:30AM – Youth race start (1HR) – Youth A, Youth B, Junior B, Girls 10-14, Beginner Women

9:30AM – Optional parade lap for PeeWee riders (50 track)

9:45AM – PeeWee race start (45min) – 50cc bikes

10:00AM – Registration for 10:30AM race closes

10:30AM – Race start (1.5HR) – Junior A, Advanced Women, Sportsman, Open C, Vet C, Masters, Outlaw, Vet 50

12:30PM – Registration for 1PM race closes

1:00PM – Race start (2HR) – Open B, Vet B, Open A, Vet A, AA

4:30PM – Trophy Presentation



A big thanks goes out to GWB Auto Sales for stepping up and not only being our Community meal sponsor and keeping our bellies full but our water sponsor keeping us hydrated for the 2019 season as well! For all you newcomers every Saturday night we have a community potluck. Thanks to GWB Auto Sales generosity MDR can provide the main course and non-alcoholic beverages! It is VERY IMPORTANT that you bring a side dish, salad or dessert equivalent to how many people are in your party so that there is enough food for everyone to enjoy. This has been a serious issue in past seasons, and we cannot stress this enough!!! Everyone do their part so we can continue to enjoy the community meal for seasons to come!


Yes, we need you!!! The entire MDR organization needs you!!! Please contact our volunteer coordinator Lauraine Berard for more information, we still have lots of spots to fill for the race season! Without adequate volunteer’s safety becomes a factor and the races can’t go on, so please do your part to help your club out!!!

MDR would also like to thank Fouillard Steel for stepping up as our medic sponsor for the 2019 season and keeping us safe out there!!


Season membership - $45

Weekend membership - $25

Non competitive enthusiast membership - $25 (Right to vote)

*** 2019 RACE SCHEDULE *** 

Round #1 - Oaklake - May 18th / 19th

Round #2 - Miniota - June 8th / 9th

Round #3 - Fisher Branch - July 6th / 7th

Round #4 - Morden - August 24th / 25th

Round #5 - Birch Ski - September 21st / 22nd

Round #6 - Melita - October 5th / 6th

Rain date - October 19th / 20th

MDR - 07/10/2019