UPDATE - March 6th

We have been quiet, huh?  I bet you think we have been resting, relaxing and avoiding work.  WRONG!
We've been working on the sponsorships, trophies, venue details, registration, the move up policy AND avoiding work!  Lots of things are going on and we are almost ready to start registration.
Tomorrow we will release the move-ups and the registration opening will follow very soon, stay tuned.
If anyone wants to sponsor our group or knows someone that would like to become a partnership sponsor for MDR, please let a board member know.  The cost is very reasonable ($300) and it is a great way to support the club.  Plus you get your name or logo on the big 'ol banner, exposure to billions of people on the website (yes potentially billions - it's the world-wide-web ya know) and facebook.  Where else can you get bang for your buck like that??
Have a good night.

Great news - warm weather is on its way and that means the bikes will be out soon!!!!

I saw my first street bike on the road just before the snow fell earlier in the week and that's a guarantee that spring is just around the corner.  I bet that guy/gal wishes they had winter tires after the snow fell tho!?!

Brent got off the roof and we hammered out the class changes.  Not many, just needed to clean up classes with few riders and combine them with others.  We dropped Sportswomen and Sports Moms and combined them with Beginner Women at 8:30 and Advanced Women at 10:30.   Both of these classes will run the short loop.  The sport classes had 4 or fewer riders so they had to go.

Now that we brought up class changes, check out the list below.  The official 2018 Move-up policy is out.  It's a list of really fast people that get to move up and hone their skills with faster riders.  "CONGRATS" to those moving up as a result of hard work, practice and experience and "IT'S ABOUT TIME" for those sandbaggers that were caught up in the list this year:)

You will see that we didn't move anyone up in the VET B or VET A classes 'cause they are old and crotchety and many of them wouldn't move anyway.  We will let those classes work themselves out using peer pressure, teasing and wrestling.

The board was forced to utilize a little-known fine print type clause in the constitution regarding the Move-down policy.  Due to overwhelming demands from the rider membership (98.7%) the board was forced to discuss and vote on a Move-down.  There was much concern about a particular rider being hazardous to both himself and other competitors.   For the first time in 10 years the board was unanimous in it’s decision and it was a pretty quick debate.  The result of this decision is that Ryan Krause is moving down to the mid-afternoon races.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - Go to the website www.manitobadirtriders.com and click on the RACE and REGISTRATION TAB, click on RACE REGISTRATION and follow the instructions.

That's it for now, keep polishing up the bikes.  It's almost time to get them dirty.


B open class – look out A’s!
Tye Beischer Cory Sidlar Colin Scarfe

 C open class – welcome to the 2 hour race format!
Brandon Berard Seth Doerksen Teagen Reimer Hayden Hoffarth Josh Sarna

Vet C - Headed to Vet or Open B

Ryan Raab  Jeremy Knibbs  Shane Pastershank

Sportsman class – headed to Open C or better
Peydon Enns Jared Myers Jayden Cormier Austin Pederson

Beginner women – go to Advanced Women
Madison Baril

Junior A class – go to Advanced Women, Sportsman or Open C (although some of you should go straight to AA)
Ashton Halbert Logan Burton Ciel Ferguson Ani Ferguson

Junior B class – Welcome to Junior A!
Mattheus Rosas-Leon Tristan Friesen Jill Berard Quaid Parkinson William Baril Joshua Dowse