Good evening,

Now who’s old enough to remember the old cartoon with the alligator that said “Good evening” using his Alfred Hitchcock voice?   Maybe only the guys in the VET 50 class!  That’s the voice you need to imagine when reading the opening of this post.  Wait!  Is this a cartoon review or an MDR post?  I can’t remember - a sign of old age I guess, hard to stay on topic. 

It’s been a busy week.  You can tell because we didn’t get this race weekend summary out to all y’all.

Well here it is…….

We had a wicked good time on the weekend!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks to Paul and the track prep crew that worked through the wind and rain and sun and heat to get the track ready.  Miniota is always a great track but you nailed it by cutting new trail and then making it rain just enough to make a couple of mud holes to attract skunks, eliminate dust, make awesome traction and just enough nice wet grass to make the starts entertaining.

The Wheat City Cycle Devil’s Drop was the third race weekend of the Chudd’s Motorsports Manitoba Cup.  This race also marks the middle of the race series.  We have three more races to go this year and two of them are new venues.  We may be half done but the second half will certainly entertain.

Wheat City Cycle did double duty on the weekend because they were also the community meal sponsor.  Brent and Roxanne did a great job of cooking many, many, many pieces of chicken that were enjoyed by all.  There was lots of chicken and that was a good thing – we served 227 people on Saturday night.  Here’s a little-known fact - I’m enjoying a piece of their chicken right now.  Found it in my pocket this morning.  Thanks to our sponsor and the cooks.

Wait a minute …. Mike did triple duty.  Race sponsor, meal sponsor and VET B winner.  Pretty cool.

The volunteer roster was one of the largest we’ve seen this year.  Thanks to all who signed up and helped out.  We love the fact that the volunteer group is getting larger because more people are stepping up, nice to see the new faces.  Remember – we will train anyone.  ANYONE.

There were a few injuries this weekend, nothing terrible but enough serious ones to be thankful that Fouillard Steel stepped up to sponsor our medic and make sure Gerry and his crew were there.  Is it true?  Did Brian throw a leg over a bike this weekend???  We will watch how this develops.  A medic on a bike in the race is a whole new take on the sweeping plan.

And the Blaines were there with smiles and great food.  Thanks for coming to feed us.

This time we didn’t screw up the GWB Auto Sales water, we had lots.  30 cases in fact and we only used about 18.  Thanks Greg Buhr and family (pronounced “Beeyouwere” we heard).

Here’s something new – a shout out to the volunteer photographers out there.  It is a ton of fun to check out the photos, rib everyone and keep the chatter going on FB.  Thanks for making us look good.  It’s great that the photos don’t show how we are really out of control, thank goodness there aren’t too many videos, that would show how wobbly we are.

See you in Birch. 


Oh yeah, his name is Alfy Gator.

Here is the link to the volunteer google doc signup.  Click it and go!

Volunteer Positions

Gate Duty
- responsible for collecting gate fees from people entering the race venue
- issue wrist bands

- ensure all people entering the facility sign the waiver

- suntan and visit with everyone coming out to race

Merchandise Duty

- hang out at the registration trailer at the specified time

- sell awesome merchandise to really nice people

- issue receipts, collect money

- nice job, usually in the shade and not too busy

 Scoring Trailer/Race Registration

- requires some computer skills.  Don’t worry – we will train you

- meet and greet all riders as they register for their races

- collect fees and use the computer to register the rider for their race

- can be hectic at times but if Kurt can do it anyone can 

Lap Counters
- hang out at the scoring trailer in the shade

- sit in nice chairs and visit with your lap counting partner

- record the rider’s number and time using pen and paper as they make their way through the timing gate

- very important position – the data collected provides backup in case the computer fails

Gas Generator Fill Up and Porta-potty TP Fill Up
- check the scoring trailer generator gas and fill it up if needed

- check the porta-potties and fill them up with TP as required – kinda explains itself, huh?
- easy but stinky job

Community Meal Prep Help
- work with community meal team to help prepare the Saturday meal
- takes up a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon
- highly respected position – everyone will like you

Course Sweeper
- put on an official looking high vis vest and carry a radio
- ride your bike around the track, looking for race lines
- rest whenever you get tired
- watch riders suffer and help them if they need it – tease them if they need it
- excellent way to get a couple of sight laps in before you race

Split Supervisors
- not often required but some tracks require someone to hang out in the bush where the short loop and long loop split and merge
- sit in a chair
- watch riders go by, tell them which way to go if they ask
- fix the ribbons if someone blows through the split

 Pit Help
- now this is a fun one
- hang out at the scoring hoop
- slow aggressive bikers down

- motivate the less aggressive riders by heckling them

- pick up the 50 riders
- hand out water if needed
- wave the checkered flag and high five the riders as they finish