Happy happy happy.

It's on like Donkey Kong!!!!!!

The positive thoughts worked, the track checked out great tonight. Traction for a TTR up the climbs (catwalking) and the road in is drying up. Yes, it was Marshall P Askew who checked 'er out for us - thanks Marsh. The next two days of weather look excellent so we are racing.

We are going ahead with a SATURDAY POINTS RACE with modified times. Hint - it's just like a Sunday race but everything is moved back 90 minutes. We want to give people a little more time to get out there.

8:30 AM Registration opens
9:30 AM Registration for the 10:00am Race Closes
10:00 AM Youth Race Start - Youths, Junior B, Girls 10-14, Beginner Women, Sportsmoms
10:30 AM Optional Parade Lap of 50 Track
11:00 AM PeeWee Race Start (50s)
11:30 AM Registration for Noon Race closes
NOON Race Start Junior A, Advanced Women, Sportsman, Open C, Vet C, Masters, Outlaw, Vet 50
2:00 PM Registration for 2:30pm Race closes
2:30 PM Race Start - Open B, Vet B, A, AA, Vet A, Team
6:00 PM Trophy Presentation
6:01 PM Krause stories around the campfire



Here are the details on the AGM and Manitoba Cup Awards Banquet.

The event is set for October 21st at the Victoria Inn in Brandon. Everything is under one roof and we have a special deal on rooms ($125) until October 1st, so book them early!

Here's the agenda:

AGM 2PM - 4PM - Admission is free, no tickets required

Award Banquet - Tickets required
Cocktails 6PM

Dinner 7PM

Awards 8PM

And then.....Dancing and Socializing (Just like around the fire on MDR Saturdays)

Here's the link to the Victoria Inn: https://brandon.vicinn.com/ 
Just mention the Manitoba Dirt Riders and you can access the deal on the rooms.

To buy dinner tickets, please send a shout out to Dan Huberdeau. They look sweeet.

For the AGM, please bring your ideas for making our awesome club even better. We will have plenty to discuss and it is the perfect time to participate in improving our organization.

If you would like to become an officer or board member, the AGM is your chance to step up. We have three board positions opening up - Dan Huberdeau's vice-presidency, Matt Hildebrand's officer representative position as well as Wayne Bishop's treasurer position are up for grabs. Their terms are done and they say it is time to give someone else an opportunity to sit on the board. These three guys (and of course Kim Bishop) will be missed but we are excited to have an opportunity to work with some new board members. Come give it a try, we don't bite! (Although there was some impromptu wrestling at one of the board meetings - don't worry, participation was not mandatory and both of the wrestlers are leaving the board). Seriously, there are some serious perks for being a board member. If you are interested PM one of us and we will get you the details.

Remember, the AGM is free of charge, you don't need a ticket.