Hello MDR Community!

We hope the start of 2019 is treating you well and everyone is staying warm and finding fun things to do in the snow!
After much waited anticipation we have our schedule locked down for the 2019 Manitoba Dirt Riders Season!

Our season will be starting a little differently this year with the first race being on May long weekend!! We want to give everyone an extra day to unwind after a long winter and round 1! We were also able to work closely with the Manitoba Motocross Association for the 2019 season so that there is only one weekend both clubs will be holding a race which means more racing for everyone! Ohhh and did I mention we're working on having a live band come out to perform on the Sunday night to kick off our 2019 season, it's going to be our best season yet and you aren't going to want to miss it!

Here's what the 2019 Race schedule looks like:

Round #1 - Oaklake - May 18th / 19th

Round #2 - Miniota - June 8th / 9th

Round #3 - Fisher Branch - July 6th / 7th

Round #4 - Morden - August 24th / 25th

Round #5 - Birch Ski - September 21st / 22nd

Round #6 - Melita - October 5th / 6th

Rain date - October 19th / 20th

With the vast growth of our club it was a difficult decision for us to make as a board but we feel it is vital for our clubs future that we rest one track per season for redevelopment. St. Lazare was the track voted to be redeveloped for the 2019 season. We very much value and appreciate our relationship with the Huberdeau family who are the land owners of St. Lazare and look forward to working with them in future seasons to come! With St. Lazare being rested for redevelopment we are happy to welcome Morden back on the schedule with a brand new look for the 2019 season!

If YOU or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring the Manitoba Dirt Riders for the 2019 season please contact our MDR Vice President Paul Swiscoski (204) 573-8229 for all the information! We still have some great sponsorships opportunities available!

We are very excited for the 2019 season and some big new things to come!

See everybody at round #1!!!