Are you wondering when we will actually post the schedule? Getting impatient?? Tired of this rambling on and on and on? Us too! Here are the dates, venue and responsible board member. Wait, responsible board member?!? Let's just say board member responsible for putting on the race. Yeah, that's better.

May 5 & 6th - Oak Lake Dirt Drag - Ryan Krause

May 26 & 27th - St. Lazare Outlaw Scramble - Cory Sidlar

June 9 & 10th - Miniota Devil's Drop - Paul Swiscoski

July 7 & 8th - Birch Ski - Kurt McCullagh

September 15 & 16th - Fisher Branch - Richard Baril

September 29 & 30th - Melita's Sandy Oaks - Brent MacDonald

October 13 & 14th - Rain Date

EDIT - All races are DOUBLE HEADERS!!!

Wait - what about Morden? Well, the surprises never end with MDR. Rod Berard and crew are putting together a Sprint Enduro event to be held at Morden but we don't have the date nailed down yet. More on that later.

In summary, we are rested up and raring to go. We have an excellent series sponsor locked down, two new venues, a new format in the works and it isn't even February yet!

Let's make MDR's 10th year in the business of having fun and racing dirt bikes the best yet!


Race Schedule