Melita - Sandy Oaks Raceway

Manitoba Dirt Riders is proud to present the last race of the Chudd’s Powersports MANITOBA CUP: The Sandy Oaks Raceway in Melita this weekend, September 29th and 30th.  Yep, two days of racing, our 6th double header this year!!  We are thankful for the support of Greg and Jodi Buhr and their family at GWB Auto Sales for sponsoring the race weekend.  This a double duty weekend for GWB because they are also our season water sponsor – so double thanks Buhr family😊.


For one more weekend the medic sponsor is Fouillard Steel, thanks for keeping us safe.


This will cap off an awesome season!  We saw new venues, great weather (OK – a little challenging at times but overall great), lots of new riders and the kids are growing up.  Lots of the classes are undecided for the overall season results so competition will be fierce and riders will be at the top of their game.  We heard that Marshall isn’t even going to stop for a break during the points race this weekend – that’s pretty serious. 


Let’s giver!!!


The race is located on road 148W, 1-1/2 miles north of PR 345.  Road 148 is 7 miles east of highway 83 or 13 miles west of highway 21.  Signs will be posted on race weekend to help guide you to the track.

MDR Community Supper

Please join us Saturday evening for our community supper, sponsored by Wheat City Cycle.  With Wheat City’s sponsorship, MDR provides the meaty part of the meal (as dreamt up by Brent) and non-alcoholic beverages.  All we ask is that you bring a side dish, salad or desert to contribute to the meal.  The popularity of these meals continues to grow and we are very happy to say that we typically have over 200 people break bread with us!

Saturday Schedule

11:30 AM Registration Opens
12:30 PM Registration closes for 1pm race
1:00 PM Youth Race Start - Youth A, Youth B, Junior B, Girls 10-14, Beginner Women
2:00 PM Parade Lap for PeeWee riders (50 track)
2:15 PM Race Start - Peewees
2:30 PM Registration closes for 3pm race.
3:00 PM Race Start - Junior A, Adv. Women, Sportsman, Open C, Vet C, Masters, Outlaw, Vet 50
4:30 PM Registration closes for 5pm Race
5:00 PM Race starts - Open B, Vet B, A, AA, Vet A
6:30 PM Results announced/Community Supper

Sunday Schedule

7:00 AM Registration open
8:00 AM Registration for the 8:30am Race Closes
8:30 AM Youth Race Start - Youth A, Youth B, Junior B, Girls 10-14, Beginner Women
9:00 AM Optional Parade Lap of 50 Track
9:30 AM PeeWee Race Start (50s)
10:00 AM Registration for 10:30am Race closes
10:30 AM Race Start - Junior A, Adv. Women, Sportsman, Open C, Vet C, Masters, Outlaw, Vet 50
12:30 PM Registration for 1pm Race closes
1:00 PM Race Start - Open B, Vet B, A, AA, Vet A
4:30 PM Trophy Presentation


It's looking like a nice weekend for a race!  Nice cold nights and cool daytime temperatures so we can ride hard and not even break a sweat!  Bring some warm outwear and enjoy being outdoors – it will get cold soon enough.  While you are outside enjoying the weather, great company and sights and smells of the race, why not volunteer???  The list is out, please sign up.


President Brent and VP Paul led the prep party have the track in great shape.  Keeping with the plan for the summer to make things new and exciting they have cut new lines in the 50 track, an all-new intermediate track and new sections on the pro loop.  It’s not going to be any ordinary Melita race weekend, the track will be unpredictable.  Perfect!!!!!


See you soon,