It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a month since we last got together to tear up the dirt.  Miniota was a blast so Birch’s race this weekend (July 7 & 8) has to be terrific to keep up with the pace.

 We don’t think it will let us down.  The Birch Ski Black Diamond race is a brand-new venue and is sponsored by SAR, one of our long running sponsors.  Black Diamond is also the fourth race in Chudd Powersport’s Manitoba Cup, we are over ½ way in our season already!  We hope that everyone will enjoy their rides out at Birch as much as the work party groups.  The track has a wonderful flow with some technical sections and the long loop even has 3-4 minutes of a corner track thanks to Brandon and Rod Berard’s master plans.  A little-known fact for you - Rod turned into a little kid when we turned him loose on the open field.  A simple change to the volunteer roster, we are asking for another volunteer position for this section to make sure we have someone watching with a caution flag on the blind corner.  This will be a fun spot to watch the new section while helping at the same time.

There’s been a ton of work put into this venue and the landowners (the Keith family) have been quite enthusiastic.  They are even running a canteen to keep us fed and watered.  Anything we ask for they have done their best to make it happen.  We mentioned their wishes in an earlier post about staying off the grass in front of the stage (with all vehicles) and staying out of the bean fields but they’ve also asked that we keep our dogs on leashes at all times.  We told them we would pass the request along and we hope that everyone can honour their wishes.

The track is located at the Birch Ski Area near Roseisle, MB.  1/2 mile west of Roseisle at Road 40W along PR245 you will see a blue sign marked "BIRCH SKI AREA".  Turn south onto Road 40W for another 2 1/4 miles until you come to an intersection that has a white shed along the road.  Turn right (westbound) onto Road 32N. Continue up the big hill and stay to your right before heading down the steep hill.  You will pass the scoring and registration area on your way to the camping out back.  Signs will be posted.  If you need gas, diesel or some groceries be sure to head into Roseisle to the store located in the middle of town.  Lots of room for big rigs in their lot, don’t worry.

We will have the Wheat City Cycle Community meal on Saturday as usual (please bring a side dish or desert – we’ve got the meat) and we are running a double header with non-points/half price racing on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday is time to get serious with the races starting at 8:30am.  The full weekend schedule is below as well as on the website.

11:30 AM Registration Opens
12:30 PM Registration closes for 1pm race
12:30 PM Optional Parade Lap for PeeWee riders (50 track)
1:00 PM Youth Race Start - Peewees, Youth A, Youth B, Junior B, Girls 10-14, Beginner Women
2:30 PM Registration closes for 3pm race.
3:00 PM Race Start - Junior A, Adv. Women, Sportsman, Open C, Vet C, Masters, Outlaw, Vet 50
4:30 PM Registration closes for 5pm Race
5:00 PM Race starts - Open B, Vet B, A, AA, Vet A
6:30 PM Results announced/Community Supper

7:00 AM Registration open
8:00 AM Registration for the 8:30am Race Closes
8:30 AM Youth Race Start - Youth A, Youth B, Junior B, Girls 10-14, Beginner Women
9:00 AM Optional Parade Lap of 50 Track
9:30 AM PeeWee Race Start (50s)
10:00 AM Registration for 10:30am Race closes
10:30 AM Race Start - Junior A, Adv. Women, Sportsman, Open C, Vet C, Masters, Outlaw, Vet 50
12:30 PM Registration for 1pm Race closes
1:00 PM Race Start - Open B, Vet B, A, AA, Vet A
4:30 PM Trophy Presentation

We’ve cleaned up the volunteer schedule and added the lap counters for the 50s races to avoid confusion and double shifts – sorry about that lap counters -we hear you.  The revised schedule is available now, please note the changes as well as the flagger positions that were added under the split section.  Sign up quickly for the sweeper positions, there are only 4 available per race and you will want to see this track before you race!

Start hydrating soon in case the weather stays warm, we will do our best to be on time to get the races done before it gets too hot.  To help out with this we will have a ton of GWB Auto Sales water on site for you because we don’t want the Fouillard Steel medics to get heated up treating us.

See you in 4 or 5 sleeps!